background video recorder APK 2020 FREE DONLOWAD

HD Video Recorder is a free video recording app, a stable and high quality video recorder for Android


that allows you to record smooth and clear videos. With many functions such as video recording, video recorder, video editor and without gutters, the HD video recorder offers an easy way to record videos in the background.

NO root, NO recording time limit (but a file size of more than 4 GB cannot be saved)
You can record videos on an SD card (external memory card) if there is not enough internal memory.
High quality video: 1080p, 12 Mbit / s, 60 frames per second
Offers interfaces in over 60 languages

With the HD video recorder, you can record great videos quickly and easily. You can even record videos when the screen is off. He has fully used your cell phone or tablet.
The HD video recorder records in the background with or without preview, so you can use your phone normally and record videos in parallel.
A touch is required for immediate recording, scheduled recording, SMS recording or automatic recording. The HD video recorder can continue recording when the screen is off.

Main features of HD DVR:
– Camera and video functionality
– 3 modes: camera, DVR and panorama
– Countdown
– noiseless trigger
– Record video without sound.
– point focus
– quick release
– One press of a button to start or stop recording
– Supports full HD video (1920×1080)
– Select SdCard (external storage) or Internal storage to save.
– Select the rear or front camera
– Easy to open folder with recorded videos.
– Record video via SMS
– Hide video in gallery
– Share recorded videos
– Schedule video recording at specific times
– Unlimited video recording.
– Unlimited video duration.
– No camera shutter sound.
– You can record videos with or without preview.
– Can record during a call.
– Turn off the screen and continue recording in the background.
– Support the front and rear cameras.
– Durability, camera and video quality are easy to configure.
– Activate / deactivate notification
– Check free space before recording.
– Easy to open folder with recorded videos.
– Protect your videos with app lock, access code lock screen.

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