Camera with screen turned off free donload 2020

An application that allows you to record videos in the background.

With iRecorder, you can record videos in the background or when the phone is locked. You can also use your device’s camera to record videos at specific times.

This application is very useful for video recording and the best application in the Android market for mobile recording devices.

IRecorder has many functions that make this application more diverse.

Key features:
+ Record videos in the background when the device is locked or another application is running.
+ Record from the rear or front camera.
+ Supports multiple languages.
+ Crop videos after recording.
+ Ability to change the application icon.
+ Activate / deactivate the preview.
+ Activate / deactivate activation noises.
+ Supports automatic white balance with a few additional options.
+ Integrated Google Drive backup.
+ Timer setting and video recording at a specific time and period.
+ Convenient storage option.
+ Durability, camera quality and videos easy to configure.
+ Supports “automatic shutdown” when there is not enough space on the device.
+ Several video resolutions.
+ Safe and well coded application.
+ Beautiful GUI hardware design.

Feel free to use it and have fun.
Hide another’s screen

Hide another’s screen
Hide screen
Press and turn off twice
Steal cellphone
Screen Guard privacy screen
Third eye

Hiding the screen is a simple and simple tool that

1.Hide the screen (lock screen)
2. Store the battery
3. Press twice

if you need to “hide the screen” or “screen protector”,
Play in automatic start mode or leave the screen on for charging.

Helps keep the screen on without light
Hide the screen when you play a video or play games.

Hide others’ screen is an application that allows you to show / hide the screen

Hide screen
private life
Privacy screen for mobile phones
screen protector
Android privacy screen
Privacy screen
lock Screen
Screen screen
retractable screens
Phone privacy screen
blackout screen

+ Double tap to turn on the screen
+ Press twice to turn off the screen only works on the main screen and the lock screen

Hide the screen from prying eyes with ScreenGuard. ScreenGuard protects your privacy by using a screen filter that makes reading the screen difficult, ideal for reading e-mails, writing SMS or using a browser.

In addition to a privacy screen that protects the battery.

* Cover the screen with a black coating to protect your privacy
* Optimized for maximum performance and autonomy

Hiding another’s screen is a free application. Turn on and enjoy!
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