Cameraless – Camera Blocker APK 2020

Lock and disable the camera to block access from malware. The ideal camera muffler.

The “Without Camera” app is a camera lock used to disable all cameras on your mobile device, providing complete protection against:
• Sticky lights, stalkers and various malicious programs
Take photos / videos in safe places.

Key functionality
Ability of the author to provide continuous access to the camera for certain official applications
During the day, the camera lock
• Password protection
• Multilingual support
Special mode with maximum safety for classified works
Time Locking the camera from time / place (PRO)
One-click widget (PRO) to lock / unlock the camera
Ask Tasker / Automation Integration (PRO)

Product description
Remote use of the camera without your knowledge; It is very easy to spy on you, chase you or hurt you.
An ideal application against Goo ya cameras without a video camera.
There are two main functions:
1. Turn the camera on / off manually.
2. Automatically turn on / off the camera depending on the day or location.
Supported version: 4.0 and later (ICS, JB).

Also useful for those who work in safe conditions without a camera. Just once – Determine your workplace and allow you to automatically lock the camera when you’re not at work. You can password protect your settings so that the app always works and that your device is constantly protected while you are at work. In addition, a special notification allows you to check the camera status of your device.

Note: when the application is password protected, the security level is maximum. The camera is locked, even if the device is not in cellular reception or in airplane mode.

Don’t miss out on Pro features with a single click to activate the camera lock widget and camera lock.

List of features
• 24/7 antispyware security
Mod 3 modes (manual, lock the camera in time, lock from position)
White list – Option to provide permanent access to the camera for certain official applications
• Password protection
• Multilingual support
As a Tasker / Lama / Automation plugin
Battery Outstanding battery savings
Eliminate the quick delete function
Features of the Mosition positioning mode: automatic positioning, dynamic notifications, automatic conversion to sleep mode when the screen is off, then automatic start
Widget Camera control widget
• Quick activation of the camera

How to use
Screen Manually turns the camera on / off according to the time or location of the day on the main screen.
• White list:
Select the white bar from the menu.
A list appears that contains all the applications installed on the device. Select any app you want to authorize to use even if the camera is locked.
Go back to the Start screen and for each defined app, a special start icon is added that allows you to access the camera at any time, even if it is locked.
After closing the application, the camera automatically locks immediately, depending on the “delay” settings defined in the configuration screen.
Disable from location:
Telephone Add the central position (latitude, longitude) of the destination area where the telephone is to be disconnected.
Area If you are in the center of the target area, you can click on the “Set current position” button and the central position will be updated accordingly.
Camera Enter the radius (in meters) that the camera turns off (in the center).
That’s it: when you are in the destination area, your phone will be without a camera and vice versa.

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