Overlays: Floating Apps Multitasking APK 2020

Float widget and real multi-tasking app!

No floating applications! Only widgets and shortcuts are included *

Float widgets and special applications over other applications to increase productivity and enjoy real multi-task.
With automation, you can choose between full automation and manual startup.

Float widgets and custom applications (floating windows) only when a specific application is running
Choose between fully automatic and handmade players

  • Download your floating applications in floating bubbles
  • Listen to music using other applications
  • Count things while playing a game
  • Multiple operations on the second screen (Samsung Dex)
  • Turn any website into a floating app
  • Create custom floating apps
  • Show your music widget when headphones are connected
  • Filter filters to reduce screen brightness!
  • The options are endless!

Custom floating applications

includeFloating widgets

  • floating shortcut
    floating browser
    Floating Media Player, Video & Audio (Pro)
    Swimming YouTube
    Float Thread Counter (Pro)
    Float Volume Control (Pro)
     Floating Navigation Stick (Supporting Contacts)
    Floating screen display button (Android 9.0+)
    Floating screen filter
    Floating stick
Floating Box (Pro, Android 9 and below)
floating timer
A floating stopwatch
Easy floating text
Floating Google Map (View Only)
Floating Google Translate
Floating camera
floating calculator
Floating dialer and contact
Floating lamps, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switches, battery, weather and clock

Customize your experience:
Click here
Different sizes and screen positions
Different mobility options
Only show in image / landscape
Unique Animation (Pro)
Background color and transparency
Z Order: Layers (Pro)
– Network Adaptation
– Many other choices to fully customize your experience!

Automatic and manual triggers
– Launch the application
System events
Tasker integration for complete automation (Pro)
– Float sidebar. Swipe edge of screen to reveal sidebar
– Long press the Home button
– Operator shortcut
– screen lock only (Android 7.1 and below)
– Fast installation tile (Android 7.0+)
World-class performance, more privacy, more productivity, more value.

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favorites Synchronize your favorites, passwords, and other stored information between your devices.

Manage your data
Soon coming soon! Tracker Blocker * prevents viewers from accessing sites to which you do not have direct access. This is efficient by default, so you don’t need to take any action to get started with your personal browsing experience.

Take a look at these private
When using the InPrivate tabs, your entry information (dessert, dates, auto-fill information, or temporary documents) will not be saved in lock mode after all your InPrivate icons are turned off.

Block ads
• Ad Block Plus prevents unwanted ads.
Turn on ad blocking by going to Settings> Content blockers.

Microsoft Award
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Navigation navigation lets you access favorites, read menus, and more with fewer taps.

Track protection is expected for Android availability in February 2020
This purchase feature is currently only available in the United States.


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