Pashto Poetry – Pyar Muhabbat Shayari

In this application, you can read the poem on Pashto,

and then share the poem by e-mail and SMS.
Sufi and funny Sufi poems are also added: the famous collection of poems by the most famous Pashto poets such as Rahmana Baba, Khushal Khan Khattak, Hamza Shinvari, Ahmad Shah Abdali, Khatir Afridi, Ajmal Khan and Abasin Yusuf Zai. This app has a good collection of poems.
this app is updated regularly
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Use Pashto Pashto shayari phonetic keyboard to write Pashto poems on photos – photo frame with poems that touch the heart of Pashto 2018 is the loudest and most delicious Android application that allows the user to write touching Pashto or sad Pashto on their photos. With this inimitable addict in the Pashto poetry application, simply select the image you can get and write gaazal and pashto in the Pashto photos.

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Pashto Bewafa Shayari Photo Frame is an exceptional Android app. Text in Pashto in the photos. The Pashto language of the phonetic keyboard is used by a large group of romantic people and loves sad poetry. Pashto israr atal and sad poetry. Pashto Rahman Baba. The current look of the text on Pashto in the images and electrification of the locals using the text Pashto of sad poetry in your best photos and set Pashto poetry as the background of the poetry, you can also send text and poems to Pashto in photos using text messages soldered by Shayari. Pashto shayari on the Pashto keyboard photo app Photo Pashto is one of the best Android apps in terms of bouldering, as well as excellent images with sad Pashto poetry or Pashto shayari bewafa poetry framework. Those who have lost their love and sad desire for the Pashto Shayari photo frame to add hearts by touching the sad Pashto poems in their photos and sending photos of love to Pashto via Facebook and other social networks so that their love can be stimulated. Pashto-shayari and Pashto-keyboard for Android Currently, in our society there is a penchant for Pasht texts in romantic photos, so you can have fun with images of Pashto, the heart of Pashto, which concerns poetry with a Pashto text keyboard that writes a heart that touches Pashto poetry, with excellent Pashto frames and a Pashto photo editor.

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The poem by Gani Khan Pashto in the photo is very similar to the photo frames of the sad poetry of Urdu. Pashto 2018’s sad photo editing frameworks are the latest and highest selection of Pashto sad photo texts, in which you can post and share photos of urdu-pashto poems just like the frames of the Hayan Shayari, and share them. This photo is with friends. Pashto poem in Photo Editor 2018 is simplified with a nice user interface. Download Heart touching Pashto poetic frames of Pashto on the keyboard photo Pashto.

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This is the Pashto Android app on the photo-text keyboard. Pashto-ghamgeen keyboard application. The frame for poetry. Pashto shayari is well known for its large collection of text fonts, various lines of text, different text colors, handwritten outline, easy to enlarge and reduce font size, save photos edited in high quality.

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Write Shayari Pashto poems to Pashto using the Pashto frame and the Pashto phonetic keyboard.

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Download and share with your friends your comments on the text of the Pashto, and the poetry in the photographs is extremely respected and will help us improve our attitude to the service in the new collection of more than 1000 Pashto Shayri.

The best collection of Pashto, Shayari, poetry and Sheron. Pashto Dard Shayri. Pyar Muhabbat, Reach, Garden, Spirits and Ansoo Shayari. Poem by Rrahman Baba, Gul Purna, Iqbal Tappai Nation. The best tappay mahiya dhooray in Pashto language. Afghan poetry. You can share both text and image. poem by Khyber Pactunkhava. Pashto SMS and state fees.

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