The Best Android Apps for 2020

Call and cheeky friends who look like a “phone tool simulator

Phone Tool Simulator is a fantastic app that looks like a pro to a friend!

Looks like you’re using the app to hang up on your friend’s phone.

This PRANK application does not display real passwords (randomly generated passwords and passwords) and does not control WiFi devices or networks. However, the access point / wireless source network (with Wi-Fi scan) and the name of the nearby Bluetooth device that requires a Bluetooth license is displayed. The LAN + IP address indicates an invalid MAC address.

Features include:

– Connect your Bluetooth device (display the correct device name!) And receive a password.
– Correct the WiFi password for WiFi.
– Scan your local network and reset your password remotely.
– Clean, elegant and professional style, shape and theme.

How to use this application

1. Wait for the analysis to complete.
II. Select the destination you want to acquire (current Bluetooth device, Wi-Fi network, LAN IP address).
3. Wait until the target is not at risk and the password does not exist!

This is an application that can harm your computer or phone. This appears to have been tampered with and entered the wrong password. For entertainment purposes only. have a good time!

Looks like you stole a phone number and cheated on your friend!

Looks like you stole a phone number and cheated on your friend!


1. Enter the phone number in the text box on the main screen.

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Phone Number Simulator” will convince your friends to treat you like a genius and attack everything!

The graphic motif has a real “pirate” aspect.

Note: “Phone Number Simulator” is a prank app that doesn’t mislead a phone or phone number! For entertainment purposes, you will think your friend is cheating to steal your phone number! Free WiFi on your Android device!

You can tell your friends that a Wi-Fi password is an application that you can use to decrypt your Wi-Fi password. WiFi password hackers seem to have access to any WiFi network. May require secure Wi-Fi access with WEP, WPA2 or AES encryption. Just provide good animation. Therefore, this can be dangerous for the network. You can convince your friends to blow up WEP passwords, WPA2 and AES passwords.

He looks like talented and technical geniuses. This is the most interesting joke you can play with your friends. The app looks like a WEP password generator and shows a double WiFi password around you. You can claim to have criticized WiFi and to have free WiFi on your phone. This is for hackers who communicate via Wi-Fi. A list of WiFi networks in your area appears and indicates that you are using WIP, WPA 2 or AES. You can use it to outsmart your friends so they can hack their personal WiFi network.

Pretend to fake someone’s phone number

The phone number simulator does not distort or destroy a number. This is a fun app that can fool your friends or family

You can use it to deceive your friends and use it to falsify their phone number.

Phone Number Simulator is a new free phone number app that destroys all phone numbers and blocks access. This is an excellent app for professional looks and strategies.

There are only beautiful animations.

Therefore, he is not innocent on any phone number. You can chat with your friends to rotate the number.

You look like a talented hacker and a technical genius.

This is a very interesting shovel that you can play with friends.

Start the Phone Number Simulator app and click on the “Start” button.
C. Enter the destination number.
A phone number hack simulator analyzes and processes information on phone numbers and breaks a pen.
Finally, the simulator shows the phone number

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